[casetta] Casetta 0.3 : the code is finish, you can test it

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The current svn revision (r141) has all features planned for the 0.3
release. This is not the 0.3 version, because we need to finish
translations, documentations, man pages, etc, but the code will probably
not change until the 0.3 release.

So you can make a lot of tests, in all system you want, and send your
feedbacks: it's your last chance to find a bug before the 0.3 release.

You can get the code from the svn repository, or download the source
code and the windows setup here:

The setup.py has also been updated, you can now use it to install
casetta on your system.

Remember that casetta has now the following dependencies:
* Python >= 2.4
* GTK >= 2.6
* PyGTK >= 2.6 (depending of your version, you may need to install also
PyCario and PyGObject)
* w32all (only on Windows)
* PySerial
* PIL (Python Image Library)

If you want to translate casetta_gtk in your language, the template
casetta_gtk.pot has been updated, you can use it. I'll also make a short
guide to translate casetta_gtk on the wiki.

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