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I tested the internal transfert tool this week-end (this was an old release, I forgot to svn up) and could receive pictures, backups, programs but I couldn't receive screencaptures.

You may have noticied, but when I try to use casetta_cli (r118), I get this error :
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./casetta_cli.py", line 514, in ?
  File "./casetta_cli.py", line 268, in arg_parser
    if arg_list[1].lower() in casetta.formats.format_dic.keys() \
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'format_dic'

I know that casetta has a file called "formats.py" in which there is the "format_dic", but when I do "import casetta" and "print casetta.formats", I get a list.
So, maybe, in the casetta module a file and a list (__init__.py ?) have the same name.

My function img_to_basic is bad for a good reason :
- It uses only HORINZONTAL F-line and Plot-On si if you have only VERTICAL Lines in your picture, they will be stored plot by plot in the basic program.
I'm trying to correct that and trying to detect F-lines rather than drawing plots.

However, this is not enough. Indeed, the best thing would be to write an algorithm which uses both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL F-lines and tries to use less lines possible (This is very difficult and I can't do that :-).

I looked a the dev documentation and it's easy to undestand.

Fabien ANDRE aka Xion345
Linux User #418689 -- fabien.andre.g@xxxxxxxxxx -- xion345@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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