Re: [casetta] New img_to_basic function (produce smaller programs for simple pictures)

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Florian Biree a écrit :
Fabien ANDRE a écrit :
*_Could you write the raw/cafix picture specifications or explain me how they are stored (by mail) ?
I *must* do it for the website, it's my main future job. I understand that you need specifications, because the format is very strange...
Specifications are now on line. You can find it here :



Thanks a lot, I will start to write the picture-extractor tomorrow.
I am finnishing to *add support for simple variables, lists, and matrix* (so don't start working on that) : I modified (It's based on r124), don't beat me, don't hit me, don't whip me, don't make me use Vista, because that's not in the roadmap :-)

* The transfert tool ( I have checksum errors (wich are getting on my nerves ! :-) with matrix and list so I disabled it (radical solution).
*, to handle the new headers and get data_size
* to make new classes.
- I've added support for extracting values inside raw_data for matrix, lists, and vars (That was not easy :-)
    - I am working on setting data inside theses vars
* I have to working on the sending side to be able to send matrix, lists, variables to the calc.

I think this will be almost finnished tomorrow at 12:00. I will also send a script, with which I am able to use my calculator as a remote controller for amaroK (and I am trying to display song being played or the calculator's screen). Completely useless so indispensable.

Then, I will start working on the picture extractor (I think, with the doc, that I will not be so long, thank you)

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It's impressive ! After tomorrow 12:00, could you write specifications for lists, matrix, simple variable (and how they are transfered - yes, I must create the page about the transfer specification on the wiki, I'll do it this week-end)? It'll help me a lot when I'll work on file formats for these data type (for casetta 0.3 + 1, it's not urgent).

(And yes, please send the remote controller for Amarok! We may think writing a little python module to add a remote controller for what you want in the python software you want... for the fun, of course (why not a remote shell?))

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