[casetta] It **almost** works (sending matrices) !

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Last mail ! I promise. You can actually send matrices (if you accept the receive error from the calc) : It works but there are errors :-) hum hum hum. :-).
It almost works and it is almost bugfree !

You have to manually set the dimensions of the matrix (see examples in attachments).

Just about the english (yes I am a maniac of spelling mistakes) :
fr : un calcul (en maths) -> en : a calculation
fr : une légende, pour une carte, un schéma -> en : a caption (That's for the feature matrix).

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import casetta

connect = casetta.devices_serial.Connexion()

mat.name='Mat C'
while not connect.calc_is_ready_to_receive():

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