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2007/3/15, Fabien ANDRE <fabien.andre.g@xxxxxxxxxx>:

2 things :

1st: I have included the modifications you made in the img_to_basic function old version and made that working for me :
The changelog until the last version I sent you is :
* Changed indent to 4-spaces and lines to 80-characters max.
* Changeg color constants to the system of dictionnaries/variables
* Included your special condition in the end F-line block : I didn't understand what it is useful for but as
it didn't include new bugs, I included this
* Corrected the bug of a line not drawn if it goes to the end of a line (Yes I know this is ugly)

I still don't know the problem there was in the modified version you sent me. Maybe and indentation problem...

I succeded in transmitting my tux2.png on my calculator with your script. I hope this will work for you.

I will try it this week end, and send you if it work with me.

2nd: Sometimes, I believe that the normalize function has a strange behaviour. For example, the image in attachments contains white (By Thesa).
And in the imagen variable sent to the img_to_basic function, there is no white pixel (and of course on my calculator I get no white). I may be wrong ;-)

Pixels are white only if the color  is exactly (255,255,255), and not values like (254, 255, 255). I know with issue, and I'll change the color detection to be less strict.

I have also some feature requests (not added in the wishlist, because I want your opinion before : I don't know if it is easy of not !!!)
1- Could you make the dialog window in casetta (such as : "Mettez votre calculatrice en réception et cliquez sur valider"), as it (traduction incertaine de comme çà), you have just to press enter (yes, this is another unimportant detail :-).

I'm currently writing a totally new  transfer tool (so cafix and its bug will ne longer be needed), and its almost ready to be added in the repository. And I'll also rewrite the interface for it (when I'll work on casetta_gtk, ie when casetta 0.3 will be almost finished).

2-For backups, could you add the ability to casetta_gtk to show the content ? (Name of programs, matrix,pictures etc ...)

It's an interesting idea, and not really to made (data is more or less stored in the same way that it is send by the calculator). A function which convert a backup into a casio file may just be a collection of regular _expression_, each can extract a kind of data. (Its already do to extract passwords from a backup).
But this function need to know how all data are stored in the casio memory, and for the moment, I didn't know all types of data (you can see for more information about formats). And I think the support of all data is the first objective. So I prefer to work on a function like this in a later version. But if you want to try to do this... ;-)

3-For image/screencapture could you display them in casetta and add an export function to export to png...

Yes, a picture editor is planned in casetta_gtk. For the png export, it must already work in the svn version, as its only a casetta work, and casetta can import/export all picture formats managed in the Python Image Library (and there are a lot).

Normally, the img_to_basic function is working and ready to be integrated in the svn :-).

Ok, I'll see it this week-end.

"Longue vie à casetta"

Merci !

Thesa ~ Florian Birée
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