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On Sat, Mar 4, 2017 at 3:52 PM, SiegeLord <siegelordex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Alternatively, it'd be neat to just self-host such things. I am somewhat annoyed that I'll have to go back to homebrew and other places to update where to download our archives, it'd be great if it could just be liballeg.org/files/allegro/...tar.gz in perpetuity. Again, I can provide the funds but unfortunately none of the expertise, as I've never had to host a website before, nevermind a mailing list.

I'm currently in control of liballeg.org after Trent gave it to me, so I can set up any DNS records or redirects we want. I think files.liballeg.org/allegro/...tar.gz would work better than liballeg.org/files/allegro/...tar.gz as "files.liballeg.org" can have its own DNS entry but "liballeg.org/files" will always use the same IP as "liballeg.org" - but I'm no expert on this at all. liballeg.org currently points to our github.

I can help with setting up a web server as well if you rent a server and need more help than just you and Trent :) And like Trent I also have a server right now with 100 mbit (all it does is run alledos and allefant.com) but I also think it might be too slow. As long as only one person downloads it's not too bad but if ever two people download at the same time that's 50 mbit for each, and so on. I don't have the expertise to run a mailing list, I'm sure I could "apt install mailman" but I'd probably get banned the first time it sends out the same email to all 10 subscribers :P (I actually have no idea how many subscribers as I don't have the gna mailman password)

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