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I'm kind of leaning on not having these included, as they seem just simple wrappers over the existing (rarely used) functions, but I can be swayed. Style-wise, you'll want to add spaces around your operators, and name the functions with '_f' rather than just 'f' (e.g. following the 'al_map_rgb_f' example).


On 10/24/2016 11:44 AM, Edgar Reynaldo wrote:
Hey guys,

I've been working with Allegro and OpenGL a bit lately, and I found that
the following additions to allegro/src/opengl/ogl_bitmap.c and
allegro/include/allegro5/allegro_opengl.h might be nice. Would you
consider them for addition, and let me know if they need to be modified,
or if they are suitable as is? If they're added, I will make a patch for
the docs to document them. The al_get_opengl_texture_positionf is to get
the u,v coordinates in fractional form, and the
al_get_opengl_texture_coordinates* functions would be to retrieve the
top left and bottom right coordinates, in pixels, and in fractional
parts of the parent texture.

My patch is attached.


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