Re: [AD] submission: linux touchscreen driver for allegro

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Ok, I've tried it out on a local branch here:

I made a whole bunch of refactoring to it (mostly moved most of the logic inside xtouch.c in case XInput2 is too hard a dependency to require).

I also made one big change. When you masked the events for the touch input, you specified a single device. This was problematic as ALLEGRO_DISPLAYs created before `al_install_touch_input` was called would never receive those events. So, I made the mask take all touch input devices. I don't know how well that works though, since I don't have a device to test this with...

Could you check that branch out and see if it still works for you?



On 09/14/2014 01:26 PM, Phelius wrote:
Attached is the updated allegro touchscreen support for linux with
corrections applied.
Thanks so SiegeLord for his feedback.

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