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I don't know, it sounds like you're misunderstanding the functions.
al_draw_filled_polygon_with_holes doesn't draw multiple polygons
really. It draws one with a bunch of holes cutout from inside of it.
I don't see how "replaced by an array of the number of vertices in each
respective polygon" fits with that.

NOTE: I just woke up.


On 2013-04-14, at 7:45 AM, Peter Wang <novalazy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> How about:
>  * al_draw_polygon_with_holes => al_draw_multiple_polygons
>    The current name is just wrong.
>  * al_draw_filled_polygon_with_holes => al_draw_cutout_polygon
>    I think you can't cut out a polygon unless it is filled,
>    though it breaks the "filled" pattern.
> Furthermore, wouldn't it be simpler to understand if the 'holes' array
> is replaced by an array of the number of vertices in each respective
> polygon?  This also affects al_triangulate_polygon.
> Is there a real need for the split_stride parameter to
> al_triangulate_polygon?  I suggest to drop it.
> Peter
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