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Ok, been thinking about how to handle the various storage options on Android.

There's three separate locations for data that we need to cover, and only 
really two standard path enum values. The following is my current plan:

ALLEGRO_RESOURCES_PATH = apk packed resources[1]
ALLEGRO_USER_DATA_PATH  = internal phone per-app flash storage
ALLEGRO_????_DATA_PATH   = external SD storage

I'm not sure if we should add a new enum value, or have an android specific 
function to get the latter? It's a fairly android specific thing.

What does everyone think?

1. My current plan involves using an android specific fshook driver that'll 
check for some special prefix to let you load packed resources, and fall back 
to stdio for regular paths. either a res:/ type uri prefix, or /res prefix or 
even the full path to the APK, followed by data/ or something. I prefer one of 
the first two, probably /res is my first pick. Either way, 
ALLEGRO_RESOURCES_PATH will be that prefix.

Thomas Fjellstrom

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