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On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 8:07 AM, Elias Pschernig <allefant@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> keycode = ALLEGRO_KEYBOARD_EVENT(event).keycode;
That might be the best way. The main disadvantage that I see is it
gets a little confusing having:


Obviously the enumerations are going to be slightly more verbose than
the struct name, but the placement of the EVENT portion still feels

It could just be written as a function:

ALLEGRO_AUDIO_EVENT *audio = al_get_audio_event(&e);
memcpy(foo, audio->buffer, audio->buffer_len);

Compilers should optimize it away to nothing, I would think. In debug
mode, it could assert that the type is correct.

The same sort of thing could be added for the first class events,
although I'd probably still just use event.keyboard.keycode out of

Matthew Leverton

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