Re: [AD] pushing events to queues

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On 2011-10-11, Matthew Leverton <meffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is there any reason why an al_push_event(queue, event) function does
> not exist? It looks like it would be as simple as exposing
> _al_event_queue_push_event as a slightly renamed public function.

It wasn't required before.  Conceptually, event sources are spewing
events all the time without regard to whether anyone is listening.
By design they are not tightly coupled to any particular queue.

However, we've opened up the event system to user events and maybe
it's not an appropriate model for some uses.

I'd insist on maintaining the constraint that events can only be in a
queue if the event source is registered with the queue, mainly so we
don't return events from a queue after the event source has been
destroyed.  Is that okay for whatever use case you have in mind?


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