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On July 13, 2010, Peter Wang wrote:
> We're overdue for a release so I'll make it this weekend.
> Time for RC1?

So long as we think we're done breaking things. I'm not entirely happy with 
the tinting changes. It was nice that I could just do a set_blending, and 
have most things tint. Now I have to call different functions when tinting 
and when not.. Could the various functions just check if the tint color is 
not 0,0,0 and blend, or something?

> What to do with the memfile addon?  I plan to work on the file slice API
> in 5.1, and there are good reasons add memory buffering to it, so the
> memfile addon is likely to be obsoleted then.  Plus it doesn't support
> dynamic resizing.  Perhaps we should just move the memfile code into
> into ex_memfile.c so users can copy it if they need it.

I think it is still useful in some cases. Would be silly to rip it out for 
no reason. And I'm not sure making it dynamic is all that useful either. 
Most use cases would involve populating it with some generated data, and 
handing it to some io functions, or another allegro addon (that uses io 
functions on it).

> Note that memfile isn't documented yet.
> Peter
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