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On 24 Mar 2010, at 11:53 , Elias Pschernig wrote:
> One feature I think we still need:
> - Capabilities querying API. Among others it should report:
> If this is not available, al_set_target_bitmap cannot be (reasonably) used except for using our software rasterizer for drawing to memory bitmaps.
> If this is not available, al_set_separate_blender cannot be used (it will just ignore the alpha values passed in and work like al_set_blender otherwise).

Shouldn't be hard to add, right?

> Dario (I think) seems to have hit a stumbling block with enabling texture stages or something. It would be really nice to have of course, but we could release 5.0 without it.

I think we can import it without that and worry about it after that.
Ok, so it'a not bug-free. If we let it sit, it'll just bit-rot.
Or we take the position that it should be a separate addon.

> Should be simple to do in X11. My use case is if I exit my level editor while maximized, I'd like it to start maximized again the next time - but didn't get to work on my editor for some time hence the feature was not added either :P

Equally simple on OS X, but I don't have time to go and add it for anything else.

> It's just hard to do because it depends so much on the driver. With the nvidia drivers on my setup at home FULLSCREEN_WINDOW is the only viable solution as non-native resolutions use crappy scaling built into the monitor and the gfx card can do much better scaling for free with native resolution.

That's not a good excuse. :P

> Fullscreen windows can never fail in X11 (Allegro itself chooses the size after all) and I'd hope the same is true for Windows.

That's nice, but it's not true on OS X. Hence why I asked.

> While I kinda don't like a feature freeze, I know that it's necessary if we ever want to get 5.0 out.


> Feature freeze after next WIP sounds good to me.



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