Re: [AD] Fixdll.bat for gcc-3.exe

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2009/7/15 Kibiz0r <kibiz0r@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> The reason gcc.exe isn't accessible is because this is regular Windows CLI,
> not Cygwin.
> There are a few people involved with AllegroNet right now, and we're always
> on different computers, and A5 is unpleasant to build for VS, so I'm writing
> rakefiles to automate it. I can't very well start up a Cygwin session from
> my rake tasks, and running a rakefile from Cygwin sandboxes it.
> It seems wrong to have Cygwin as a dependency at all for this scenario, so
> perhaps finding a way to write a fixdll.bat with VS would be better?
> The likelihood of someone else using Cygwin on the SVN version and not using
> the prompt might be very low, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

We could add the .def files to SVN.

Of course someone could get rid of the need for the .def files completely.
We don't use them for the addon DLLs, so it can't be that hard.


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