Re: [AD] al_set_display_icon on Linux (patch)

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On Fri, 2009-05-08 at 17:46 -0600, Trent Gamblin wrote:
> al_set_display_icon doesn't work in every case on Linux.
> Here is a patch that fixes it for me, but I won't commit
> it until I can get it verified by someone who knows more
> about X than me.

Looks good, but slow. Would the below patch also fix the problem?

--- a/src/x/xdisplay.c
+++ b/src/x/xdisplay.c
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ static void xdpy_set_icon(ALLEGRO_DISPLAY *d, ALLEGRO_BITMAP *bitmap)
    // FIXME: Do this properly.
-   lr = al_lock_bitmap(bitmap, ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ANY, ALLEGRO_LOCK_READONLY);
+   lr = al_lock_bitmap(bitmap, ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ARGB_8888, ALLEGRO_LOCK_READONLY);
    if (lr) {
       const char *src;
       char *dst;

Elias Pschernig <elias@xxxxxxxxxx>

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