[AD] rename path functions?

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We could make them an exception from the API naming, like the ustr
functions - but I think it's less justified. My suggestion would be
(entries marked with * are more than just swapped words):

      * al_path_append al_append_to_path (*)
      * al_path_clone al_clone_path
      * al_path_concat al_join_pathes (*)
      * al_path_create al_create_path
      * al_path_create_dir al_create_path_dir
      * al_path_drop_tail al_drop_path_tail
      * al_path_exists al_is_path_present (*)
      * al_path_free al_free_path
      * al_path_get_basename al_get_path_basename
      * al_path_get_drive al_get_path_drive
      * al_path_get_extension al_get_path_extension
      * al_path_get_filename al_get_path_filename
      * al_path_index al_get_path_component (*)
      * al_path_insert al_insert_into_path (*)
      * al_path_make_absolute al_make_path_absolute
      * al_path_make_canonical al_make_path_canonical
      * al_path_num_components al_get_path_length (*)
      * al_path_remove al_remove_from_path (*)
      * al_path_replace al_replace_path_component (*)
      * al_path_set_drive al_set_path_drive
      * al_path_set_filename al_set_path_filename
      * al_path_set_extension al_set_path_extension
      * al_path_tail al_get_path_tail

And finally:

      * al_path_to_string

I can only think of long names for it when following the naming


So maybe for this one we should follow the al_ustr naming and have:


It's short, and it makes the semantics clearer than the names above, as
it behaves just like al_cstr (the returned string is valid as long as
the underlying ALLEGRO_PATH exists and is not modified).

Elias Pschernig <elias@xxxxxxxxxx>

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