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On Jan 28, 2008 1:58 AM, Peter Wang <novalazy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Does that mean typing into a web browser field? No thanks.

Yes. All blogs/forums/wikis I've seen work that way, and I'm typing
this text in FireFox right now, so I don't see it as a problem. But
mainly, it saves a tremendous amount of time. Just posting the news to
the main site in addition to would have been a matter of a
single copy&paste, so like 1 second.

Editing the custom html templates, then editing translation files for
it, as you just did, just seems so wasteful. Testing the result (since
it is a quite error prone process, you really have to) means running
make which takes another few minutes. And after all that, you have to
log in to SF to somehow actually make it appear.. so probably work of
about 10 minutes just to do all the unnecessary technical stuff to get
a single news item posted.

But then, the whole website is like that, so just fixing it for news
posting indead would not have bought us much. E.g. the download
section could need some updating as well.. anyway, just saying, our
current system is worse than plain HTML, so updating to something
easier manageable might be nice at some point.

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