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On Jan 29, 2008 2:19 PM, AJ <aj@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Problems with timeGetTime() :
> unless you run the  timeBeginTime()  and timeEndTime()
> timeGetTime()'s resolution can be as much as 8-10ms sloppy.
> which for anything like trying to sync a screen draw/flip  can cause
> significant error in calculations.

Read back a bit, only a few weeks ago the issue was raised (by me).
And it's on the topic list for the meeting on the weekend. Hopefully,
we will just switch to using double representing seconds, or else
int64_t representing either us or ns. Then it's up to drivers to
implement as much precision/accuracy as they can. In linux, it should
be easy to stay in us area by simply using gettimeofday().. about
Windows someone hopefully figures out an implementation which also
deals with threading and so on (what you raised above).

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