Re: [AD] fix for bcc32

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On 2007-07-27, Matthew Leverton <meffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The addition of LIBRARY to the allegro.def file (for DMC) ended up
> breaking the bcc32 port. For some reason, it requires the LIBRARY
> directive to be the first line, before comments, etc. So the bcc32
> make file already appends LIBRARY to the top. So it ends up something
> like:
> --
> LIBRARY alleg42.dll
> ; generated by
> --
> The second LIBRARY line breaks it. Attached is a patch that alters the
> existing sed instruction to delete the second line of the def file for
> bcc32. Tested under cygwin.

Can we change and fixdll.bat to put LIBRARY at the very top of
the file?  Does the parameter after LIBRARY matter, i.e. can we omit it
like we do for DMC?


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