Re: [AD] AL_ prefix clashes with OpenAL

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On 7/9/07, Evert Glebbeek <eglebbk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> * keep AL_ and al_ and try to not clash somehow (we *do* want
> OpenAL to
> be used together with Allegro, most likely it even will be one of our
> sound backends)

If feasable, this would be my choice. Is there a way to make sure
such a clash does not happen?

Take a look at OpenAL header files. They define a lot of AL_*
constants. (al_* is not a problem.)

While I wouldn't mind working around AL_* (we already work around some
things like BITMAP on Windows), there are potentially a lot of naming
collisions or confusion that could occur if people use OpenAL with
Allegro (especially if Allegro uses OpenAL for drivers). People might
accidentally use OpenAL constants with Allegro or vice versa without
knowing they are mixing things up.

Matthew Leverton

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