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Andrei Ellman wrote:
Milan Mimica wrote:
Andrei Ellman wrote:
However, one thing I've noticed about fix.bat includes separate options for MSVC6, MSVC7, and MSVC8, whereas is just MSVC. Do the extra options in fix.bat that are MSVC7 or MSVC8 specific do anything that would be useful in a UNIX-like environment (like Cygwin)? The MSVC6 Allegro builds fine under Cygwin, but I would recommend that someone tests building Allegro for MSVC7 and MSVC8 using Cygwin.
Yes, misses support for MSVC7&8, but that's not a problem since you can run fix.bat from cygwin. I built allegro for MSVC8 using cygwin just fine.

While this is not something that's considered a showstopper, it would be nice if had the same functionality as fix.bat with regards to MSVC.

Just out of interest, how do you run DOS .BAT files from Cygwin? I always thought that you did not have access to DOS commands in Cygwin (this is why the instructions tell you to run vcvars32.bat from the DOS command prompt and then start Cygwin from the same path).

OK. I've just realised that Cygwin can run BAT files afterall, it's just the DOS commands that it can't run, and the reason you have to run vcvars32.bat from DOS rather than Cygwin is so that the variables it sets get exported (Question: is it possible to get a DOS .BAT file to export it's variables directly to the Cygwin environment?)

However, looking at fix.bat, I've noticed that it does contain the odd DOS command such as del. When Cygwin runs a BAT file, does it all of a sudden become capable of running DOS commands?


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