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> Just to let people know, I am looking at ways to
> speedup the code I had submitted.  Focused on the
> drawing of lines that dont get clipped at all.  Not
> huge improvement but at least some. But I cant
> guarantee I will have any results or when I might be
> finished.

Don't spend too much of your time and energy on it, I don't
think the problem is really worth them.

> But as a side note I think that there should be some
> consensus about how important efficient clipped lines
> are.  If lines arent clipped all that often, then you
> are best staying with the 4.1.11 code.  Especially
> from a code maintenance point of view.

That's my position.

> When I think about it, I had a very hard time finding
> information even *about* pixel-perfect line clipping.
> I think this imples that most libs assume that lines
> are most frequently not-clipped and therefore the
> standard 4.1.11-like code is a good choice.

Thanks for the info.

Eric Botcazou

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