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> I'm not sure. I can certainly imagine a use for the actual data.
> I actually began implementing it passing only properties, then I
> undid it and passed the whole object.

Hum, hum...

> As a trite example, the file might be updated, but the datafile
> representation might not have to be changed. Say, you want to get
> a palette from a PCX file and apply non trivial transformations
> to it: if you modify the image data but not the palette, you do
> not need to redo all these computations, but only if you have the
> original object for comparison. Besides, it's const. I'd keep it,
> personally.

But how do you know that the palette has not been modified? By applying the 
non-trivial transformation and comparing with the old datafile?

> Maybe we could pass it as the geometry then. I don't think it would
> cause problems, even if it wasn't a property before. Can you see any
> that could arise ?

Conflict with an user-defined property.

Eric Botcazou

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