Re: [AD] System bitmap bug (fix)

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> The user surely should not know about the BMP_ID_SYSTEM flag anyway, as
>  it's internal, right ?

It is exposed via is_system_bitmap().

> The point of having different kinds of BITMAPs is that the user
> can use them interchangeably, without caring whether's it's a
> memory BITMAP, etc (except when you want to access them directly
> through lines, but even that's somewhat abstracted through
> bmp_write_line and friends).

Yes, that's why I think the external behaviour should stay the same, i.e 
create_system_bitmap() should return a bitmap for which is_system_bitmap() 
is true.

The system bitmaps have worked nicely so far on all gfx drivers, so I don't 
see why we should change the behaviour of create_system_bitmap() now.

Eric Botcazou

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