Re: [AD] patch: asm cleanup.

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> the attached patch modifies some macros so that they play more nice with
> other preprocessors than gcc's own.

Applied, albeit in a slightly different flavor: instead of breaking up the 
macros, I glued their argument, that is

#define BLIT_CODE  \
  insn1            \
  insn2            \


> now the watcom port can use its own preprocessor in the build process on
> .s files.

Applied too, after simplification. You can pass \\ to $(RUNNER) in order to 
instruct it to automatically turn forward slashes into backslashes.

> note: don't bother to modify makefile.bcc for this patch, as the borland
> preprocessor is broken (it does more that preprocessing).

Isn't there any way to tell it to do just preprocessing?

Eric Botcazou

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