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On July 20, 2003 06:01 am, Thomas Fjellstrom wrote:
> Alright,
> Finally got around to finishing this small patch.
> I tested both drivers "a bit", the DIGI one I basically just tested
> with Ben's sekrit projact, and the setup program, and for the MIDI
> driver I had to setup some funky routing with timidity+alsa
> seq+alsa virmidi+alsa rawmidi ;) (I don't have a midi device any
> more)
> It all works as far as I can tell. The configure hackery detects my
> alsa 0.9, and it should hopefully detect and work fine under alsa
> 0.5 as well.
> patch is attached for your perusal.

Youch.. Ok, I'm a bit confused.. Maybe its just me, (it is 8:30am 
here..) but I can't get ANY allegro app to play SAMPLEs.. 
AUDIOSTREAMs are fine.. It seems the SAMPLE just starts at the end 
and finishes... I thought It might be my new driver, BUT I get the 
same problem using the OSS driver. Now the only other thing thats 
changed since it all stopped working is that I'm using the latest CVS 
(I updated to it a few hours ago). I haven't touched my alsa-lib, 
alsa-driver, or what have you packages... XMMS, aplay, pmidi, 
DIGIMID, DUMBalleg all play fine. just Allegro's SAMPLES won't play..

I'm going for some sleep, so I'll be back later...

Also, I found that if you comment the code in the "if" that containes 
the call to xrun_recovery() the audio sounds alot better.. though the 
ALSA docs say that sort of thing is required... Oh well.

Thomas Fjellstrom

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