RE: [AD] keyboard recalcitrant under X

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Title: RE: [AD] keyboard recalcitrant under X

> What mapping ? the one you select in XF86Config, or the one
> from allegro.cfg ?

The system one, not the Allegro one. I don't know how X does it,
I'm basing myself from the system one.

> I'm not sure I understand what you mean: do you have an
> azerty keyboard, but
> you set it to behave like a qwerty, so pressing 'a' produces 'q' ?

Yes. You should have a load of different mappings available. My
distro came from a French magazine, so it was configured with an
azerty mapping by default, but it can be changed without any
problems. So you can try, say, the German qwertz mapping, and see
if it works. Though you'll have to know the mapping :) There are
probably image layouts of many keyboards avaialble via google so
you can check.

Vincent Penquerc'h

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