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I tried compiling for openwatcom 1.0.

Windows 2000, MinGW32, OpenWatcom 1.0

I had to change the following in the makefile.wat:

RUNNER = obj\watcom\runner.exe

(I changed the / to \) Windows was complaining that it couldn't find "obj". It was treating it as obj /watcom <-- a paramater.

Is this because I'm under 2000 or using MinGW32? I didn't try under Win98 or DJGPP, but I'd imagine they would cause the same error?

Secondly, make uninstall doesn't work under 2000 either:

-rd /S /Q $(WATDIR_D)\h\allegro\platform
-rd /S /Q $(WATDIR_D)\h\allegro\inline
-rd /S /Q $(WATDIR_D)\h\allegro\internal
-rd /S /Q $(WATDIR_D)\h\allegro

Adding the /S /Q switches cause it to delete files + folders. However, Windows 98 doesn't support this. If NT is detected, perhaps add the /S /Q switches?

Other than changing the RUNNER it worked fine.

Is Watcom + Allegro DOS only? (I know nothing about the compiler.)

Also, are OpenWatcom binaries (alleg.lib) compatible with older versions of watcom?

Matthew Leverton

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