[AD] Allegro 4.1.0 WIP

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I've merged the last-minute fixes applied to the 4_0 branch into the
mainline (compilation tested under Linux):

I propose that we release the 4.1.0 WIP as soon as possible. Since it will
be a Work-In-Progress release, it won't have to undergo as much testing as
the stable ones, so the process will be far more straightforward. However, I
think we should first merge the patches that have been floating around for
some time:
- non-FM OSS MIDI driver,
- aRts sound driver,
- Darwin support,
- i386 asm blitters after some further evaluation,
and a few others.

I'll leave around July 14 for the summer holidays, so the release will have
to be made before if I'm still in charge. But I would be very happy if
someone volunteered for taking on this responsability (no, it's not *that*
much work ;-)

Eric Botcazou

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