Re: [AD] Low-level file hooks - implemented and tested

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On 2002-07-25, Santa Claus <thisismeiassureyou@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> OK, I've fixed the MSVC and MinGW headers. MSVC defines all S_IW* to 
> S_IWRITE and all S_IR* to S_IREAD; MinGW defines all do S_I?USR. I hope 
> this is OK, but if not it should be an easy matter to change it.

I went with #define'ing S_I?GRP and S_I?OTH to 0.  This also needs to be
done for other Windows compilers (I didn't do).

(brain kicks in) Wait, since those constants only get used in file.c,
I'm just going to move the dummies straight in there.


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