[AD] [LNX] possible hline bug?

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With DGA2 on Xfree 4.1 I seem to be having problems with hline, it doesn't 
draw them where it's supposed to. they just go all over the place. It works 
fine for XWIN.

has anyone seen this before? maybe its been fixed?

oh.. also SVGALIB doesn't want to work, but I doubt its allegros fault, just 
exits with an error that it can't setup the memory... (I can't remember the 
exact error, and half the time when I try It want's to freeze the system.. 
let me know if the exact error is needed, using SVGALIBs VESA driver, the 
Rage128 driver used to work, but it works no longer. probably something do do 
with the Gatos X drivers.)

Thomas Fjellstrom

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