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Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> This little one replaced a hardcoded constant by a queried one.

I think this is wrong: the hard coded constant 3 is for the selection 
index of the DLG_PACKLIST object, which only ever contains three items 
(no compression, object compression, or global compression). You replaced 
that constant with obj_count, which is the number of objects from the 
loaded datafile, but that has nothing to do with DLG_PACKLIST...

> BTW, while I'm thinking of it:
> this patch (and the three previous ones as well) are made against
> a modified version of wip 30, so the lines numbers might be well off,
> and the patches might not apply automatically if something was changed
> in its way since wip 30...

No problem, as long as you use unified (-u) or context (-c) diff formats, 
patch is very good at figuring out where to apply the changes. Even when 
it gets confused, it will usually apply most of the patch, and then leave 
the bits it can't figure out in a reject (.rej) file, from where it is 
very easy for me to sort out those little conflicts by hand.

Shawn Hargreaves - shawn@xxxxxxxxxx -
"A binary is barely software: it's more like hardware on a floppy disk."

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