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Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> First one adds XCRP and YCRP properties to an object that was cropped.

Nice. These new properties also need to be added to the 
should_save_prop() function in datedit.c, so they will be removed when 
you strip grabber properties from the file.

> I'm actually wondering if I'll add to it to always crop BITMAPs with 
> these properties when they're updated.

That would make sense. It could be a bit hairy to do, though, since all 
the crop code is actually implemented by one of the plugins, but the 
update function is built in to dat and the grabber, so we'd need some 
mechanism for them to check whether that plugin is available. Or maybe 
just move the crop worker function into datedit.c, and only leave the 
user interface part of it in the plugin...

> Second one prevents Allegro from sending MSG_DRAW messages to hidden
> widgets.

Subtle one: that must have taken forever to track down! It's probably 
actually a bug in the objects that they redraw themselves even when 
hidden, but it certainly makes sense to fix it in the send message macro 
rather than having to update every single object to know about this 
special case.

Shawn Hargreaves - shawn@xxxxxxxxxx -
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