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Shawn Hargreaves wrote:
> I just don't understand why this would be useful: IMHO it's only annoying
> to have to manually position the window before you can run the program
> (and inconsistent since that is going to be different to how people
> normally do that with their window manager), and I don't see why it would
> be useful to have the rest of the screen left visible, since you still
> can't actually _do_ anything in those other programs! Maybe you could
> explain a specific situation of why you wanted that behaviour?
Suppose you're playing a real-time RPG (e.g. Diablo), with lots of
commands (moves, spells, fights, ...) and you don't want to learn all of
them. What about keeping the game's manual in a second window just
beside the main window ?
But ok, after talking to Michael about technical issues, I finally agree
with you: DGA is basically the fullscreen driver and X Window is the
windowed one, even if the latter could be a little faster in some

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