[AD] BeOS windowed driver (incomplete)

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Well, it looks like I won't be able to complete this anytime soon,
so I'm putting it up for others to test and hack.


I had a TODO list, but I left that back on the BeOS/PE `partition'.
D'oh!  Here are the main ones off the top of my head though:

  - palette needs to be transferred between colour depth switches[1]

  - need to use bank switching routines to mark specific lines then
    update only those (right now I'm updating the entire screen, which
    is slow)

  - 15 bit modes *assumed* to work...
  - safe windowed mode is not in at all.  This would use BBitmap
    class and BView class, and possibly the colour conversion

  - keyboard driver needs windowed mode
[1] The situation under Be is even more interesting than the one
under X.  Instead of being unable to switch the colour depth, the
user can switch it on the fly, so programs are supposed to adapt to

If you don't want to code a little yourself, send any reports to me
privately, or this list if you think it's appropriate.

Happy hacking!

tjaden@xxxxxxxxxx - http://www.psynet.net/tjaden/

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