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I created an issue on the gpsd tracker: https://gitlab.com/gpsd/gpsd/-/issues/274. The gpsd documentation on using chrony disagrees with the chrony documentation on using gpsd. I am guessing that the chrony documentation is the correct one, but am uncertain. If someone more knowledgeable than me has anything to add, please do.

The delay and offset seem wrong. I turned them off and am getting timings that are almost the same for the GPS (PPS) and NMEA devices. I don't know what is going on there. I could also monitor the timings for a while to get better timings.

Also, the device path given by chrony is out of date and the one given by gpsd works: that is "/run/chrony.XXXX.sock" instead of "/var/run/chrony.clk.XXXX.sock". If I am wrong about the paths, I don't know how chrony works, but only the former works for me.

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