Re: [chrony-users] Repeated 'refresh'es may cause excessive DNS queries

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What happens if you add '-4' to your Chrony process? Looking at the logs, it appears your system is unable to connect to an IPv6 address. After it tries several times, it finds a IPv4 address and syncs.

This may be a problem with your docker setup or host system, regardless adding the '-4' flag should prevent Chrony from trying the IPv6 address.


On 3/12/2024 11:35 AM, t.barnewski@xxxxxx wrote:
That seems to be working for me as expected. I see one request per
refresh. Can you please build chronyd with --enable-debug and post the
chronyd -dd output for first few refresh commands?

I have attached the debug log after 4 refresh commands.
chrony made about 320 DNS requests after those.

I built chrony at commit ad37c409c9170a5f4e2ee6068f49fcd0911b3215.


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