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Quite fresh user of chrony.

I currently have some servers refusing to sync time with our internal NTP servers.


I’m only getting:

“Can't synchronise: no selectable sources”


As the error message.


“Chronyc sources” does provide me something interesting though:

Snipped the relevant part:

+15.1s[ +15.1s] +/-  10.8s

The diff of 15.1 seconds I do understand, however, the +/- I don’t fully get?

I’ve been trying to find what that value is meant to represent and found nothing.


In my mind, it should mean the level of precision it thinks the server has, and, if that is the case, my guess would be that a to high diff would mean that this source would be discarded since it’s to imprecise?


And, yes, something is off with those time servers, and that is a separate problem which is out of my hands, but I’m just interested in understanding why the sync is failing.

Any ideas on why the diff can be so big would also be appreciated though.


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