Re: [chrony-users] Chrony on Asus router - no reduction of offset

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Apart from chrony, no packages such as ntpd or ntp-utils are installed but you are right, there is a symlink /usr/sbin/ntp which points to busybox. I have no idea where its config is but I have removed the pre-defined ntp-server entry in the router config. I hope that solves it - if not I will ask on snbforums.

Many thanks for your support!

Miroslav Lichvar schrieb am 15.06.23 um 09:49:
On Wed, Jun 14, 2023 at 06:24:36PM +0200, Torsten Wolf wrote:
I have no explanation how this is possible. I don't see anything suspicious
in the raspi chrony offset data which I monitor via grafana. Could it be a
hardware issue? Voltage fluctuations? I have no clue. How can I debug this?
It might be another NTP client running on the system and messing with
the clock. I assume the router has the busybox ntpd as default. Is it

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