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Hello List,

My name is Walfred Tedeschi, I am a Software Application Engineer working for Intel and enabling customers on Time Sensitive Networking.

One of our next steps involves improving Chrony on the PTP side, however many customers, with proprietary code would like to make use of the chronyc interface (header file) to be able to communicate with the chronyd.

License of the interface as GPL v2 creates an obstacle for customers to use it, while this would be the easiest approach for the customers in general to start using the chronyd interface.

From the mailing list I have observed several threads mentioning the license of the header file.

Our question mainly would be:

            Would it be possible to change the license of the specific interface of the chronyc so to allow a broader usage of it and avoiding reinventing the code differently?

Thanks a lot for the attention and best regards,


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