Re: [chrony-users] Strange "loss of PPS lock"

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On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 07:13:59PM +0100, Rob Janssen wrote:
> No the PPS for sure did not lose lock.  These are either professional GPSDO
> sources or we have that extra lock source, and it happens in both cases.
> What SURE could happen is that those NTP sources collectively drift to
> some offset relative to the PPS due to asymmetric network delay, but
> in that case the PPS still is the correct reference.

It wouldn't be a problem if it was just asymmetric delay, because that
would be covered in the root distance. The servers would have to be
lying about that.

Are they stratum 1 servers? What root delay and dispersion is reported
in chronyc ntpdata?

> When a PPS source is marked as "trust" but its lock source is not locked,
> is it still trusted or will other sources then take over (they should)?

The PPS source will be unreachable if its lock source is unreachable
and will be ignored in the source selection unless you add the require

Miroslav Lichvar

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