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Dear All,

I'm trying to setup a local NTS server for testing, but I am having
some issues getting it configured correctly. I have added an allow
statement for the localhost subnet, as well as ntsservercert and
ntsserverkey statements to the configuration, but for some reason it
does not seem to open a port for the NTSKE server. Does anybody know
what I could be doing wrong? Running chronyd from the commandline with
chronyd -d -f /etc/chrony/chrony.conf -L 0 seems to show no errors,
only giving:
2022-09-28T14:47:04Z chronyd version DEVELOPMENT starting (+CMDMON
2022-09-28T14:47:04Z Running with root privileges
2022-09-28T14:47:04Z Frequency -11.572 +/- 0.191 ppm read from
2022-09-28T14:47:10Z Selected source (ntp.ubuntu.com)

For reference my configuration files are attached. I am running the
latest master branch of chrony on ubuntu 20.04

Kind regards,
David Venhoek

PS: Yes I know I have attached key material to this mail. These are
keys I intend to use for debugging and will never use on the open

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