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I am in the progress of defining a new TR181 data model for the time service in the HGW.
Most of the NTP implementations have support for the concepts of server, pools and peers.

I am thinking about specifying only one servers parameter (which is a list of hostnames or IP addresses), and define next to it two parameters that specify the behaviour of resolving the FQDN to x IPs (Pools) and specify if the behaviour should be symmetric or not (Peers).

This would mean that the NTP client would only support one mode (Server, Pool or Peer) simultaneously.

Therefore my question have you seen or are there NTP architectures out there that mix these 3 configuration parameters inside one NTP client?

Best regards,

David Cluytens

HGW E2E Architect
E-mail: david.cluytens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tel: +32477463781

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