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The C and M port  used by chronyc is UDP/323. Perhaps a firewall setting to open that would help.

On 4 Mar 2022 5:58 pm, Bill Unruh <unruh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have one of my ntp servers (It works fine serving a number of other
machines) being called from my home computer. Lets call the server S and the
home machine H. I have S in my chrony.conf file as a server.
I run
tcpdump -i xxxx port ntp
On both H and S.
If I do
telnet S 123
I see the message going out from H, arrive at S and then another packet leaves
S and arrives back at H. So, port 123 is not being blocked by any of the
firewalls between the two.

But, if I run chronyc on H and do a
burst 3/5 S
I see the packets going out from H, but see nothing arrive at S, or leave from
S back to H.

Does anyone have any hints as to where the packet could be being lost?
when the telnet packet gets through fine.

Note that I use other servers (eg a pool server) from my chrony on H, and they work fine
so again it does not seem to be a problem with the firewalls/routers between H
and the internet.

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