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On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 07:15:23PM +0000, Jones, Michael R (Mike) CTR USARMY DEVCOM AVMC (USA) wrote:
> Hello,
> I hope I am just ignorant and missing something but should the makestep directive in chrony.conf work with a refclock as the time source?

Yes, it should.

> I confirmed the source was still feeding good time into the SHM and chronyd -dd output shows it being received.
> This is all it ever outputs.
> refclock.c:616 valid_sample_time   refclock sample time <value> not valid age = <large number>

That means the samples are rejected.

> The age is a large negative value (because I set the "wrong" test time far in the past).
> But shouldn't makestep ignore the size of this delta and step the clock once like it does with the server configuration?

It has nothing to do with makestep.

The values in the SHM sample need to be set correctly from the system
clock point of view to be accepted. chronyd will ignore anything that
appears to be from future or distant past. The same issue was
discussed recently for the SOCK refclock:

Miroslav Lichvar

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