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Will this be a standalone project, or will it be part of chrony?


On Sat, Jun 12, 2021 at 4:39 PM Bryan Christianson <bryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have had a number of requests/complaints from Mac users about the how long it takes for chrony to converge again after the OS has been sleeping. As far as I can tell they are using chrony to discipline the clock but are not providing NTP services to the lan - i.e. if they were providing service to a lan then it would make no sense to allow the machine to sleep.

I have written a small daemon, activated by a wakeup event from OS, that will quickly synchronise the clock, but before I release it to the wild I thought it best to get some opinions.

The daemon works by running the following commands with the default settings shown

On wakeup:
        chronyc burst 4/4
        sleep 10
        chronyc makestep

I have allowed the user to override the arguments to the burst command and also to configure the sleep time. A network/mask can also be specified.

Will these defaults be generally useful? I have no idea how many servers users usually configure but I expect it would be 4 or 5 of they are using the pool or

Some public NTP servers don't like clients to 'burst'. However I have yet to receive a complaint, but is this something to be concerned about?

Bryan Christianson

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