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Hello, all. I’m working on integrating ptp4l into our x86 (EL7) hardware-based NTP farm. Previously, I’d used the ntpd shared memory interface “fudge” clock with good success but can’t find the proper way to integrate that timing source into chrony (which I think might yield an overall more stable ntp source for the platform). The PPS and SHM interfaces (per docs) don’t appear to be working correctly (or I’m doing it wrong). The intent is to use PTP (which we manage as part of our network infrastructure) as both time source and also phase (as much as is feasible). I’d appreciate any comments:

The relevant ptp4l config:

dataset_comparison              G.8275.x

domainNumber                    44

G.8275.defaultDS.localPriority  128

clock_servo                     ntpshm

slaveOnly                       1

masterOnly                      0

logging_level                   6

G.8275.portDS.localPriority     128

inhibit_multicast_service       1

unicast_listen                  1

unicast_req_duration            60

summary_interval                8

time_stamping                   hardware


chrony stuff (as you can see, I’m trying lots of different types)

#leapsectz right/UTC

#refclock PHC /dev/ptp2 tai

#refclock PHC /dev/ptp2 offset -37

refclock PHC /dev/ptp2 pps

#refclock SHM 44 poll 3 refid PTP

#refclock SHM 1:perm=0644 refid GPS2





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