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On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 09:32:49AM +0430, Mehdi Shirazi wrote:
> Hi
> For a large network with old nodes instead of setting Daylight Times one by
> one on them(some nodes have incorrect Daylight dates ) I want to use offset
> in chrony.conf and every six month I add one hour=3600 second to it and
> after 6 months remove it  and disable Daylight Saving on all nodes.
> Do you think this will work ?

So, there are clients that cannot be fixed/configured to apply a DST
change correctly, and the idea is that NTP (which works in UTC) would
compensate for this error in local time?

If you don't mind that the system time (UTC) will be wrong and the
clients can quickly correct a one-hour offset, then I guess it could

You would just need to change the offset values in chrony.conf and
restart the service. The clients may take some time before they
correct their clocks depending on the implementation. Please note that
some clients may abort due to a panic threshold (e.g. ntpd in default

Miroslav Lichvar

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