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John Burton wrote:
> I used information from the GPSD web site as far as set up and
> configuration:
> This provides a good introduction to setting up a GPS network clock...
> Basically you use GPSD to talk to the GPS receiver, which uses KPPS
> to handle the PPS interrupt. GPSD handles all the details of serial
> port & where the PPS signal is coming from.

Yup.  That's the configuration I *used* to have, that I need to
move away from, which is why I'm working to configure /dev/pps0
and have chrony talk to it directly, *without* gpsd handling the

(Why? In my environment, I have GPS reception only intermittently.
I have a high-precision reference clock to keep time, via its own
PPS output, when I have no GPS.  But if I feed my reference clock's
PPS into gpsd along with the time messages from my GPS receiver,
then when I have no GPS, gpsd rightly assumes that PPS is no good
either, and stops forwarding it to chrony.  Thus the need for a
direct PPS feed into chrony.)

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